Trip to the Cliffs, Nov 19th, 2011

I was awoken early on Saturday by a text from Scott saying there was no waffle maker. I thought it was a joke as I had asked the night manager when we checked in if they had a waffle maker. I don’t like breakfast much, but I do like waffles, so when I travel I tend to stay where I know I can get waffles for breakfast. They weren’t joking! I went down to check, and sure enough, nothing but a toaster and a few frozen waffles sitting there. Not a good start to the morning.

We headed outside to the parking lot, where we watched Chris repair his rear driveshaft while the jeep was on the trailer. Then we headed to the park. Remember me saying the Cliffs always has mud? Well, today was completely different. It was actually pretty dry, with lots of leaves on the ground. The parking lot was cold, just like the day before, so we quickly got down a trail into the woods where it warmed up. Here are a few of the pictures from that trip.

Too bad no one else had a camera, we led the group and Scott must have been directly behind us, because I can’t see Chris or Nick anywhere!

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  1. Scott says:

    If this was dry I don’t want to see wet.

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