Trip to the Badlands Offroad Park, Nov 18th, 2011 – Part 1 – Quarry

November is usually cold and windy in the midwest. This weekend was no exception. We left Friday morning at about 3am from Elkhorn, hoping to get to Attica, IN by 9am. We planned on staying at the Attica Family Campground, adjacent to the park. We rolled in just after 9am, and checked in with the campground. That’s where we got the incredible news that the Badlands Offroad Park was going to be closed this weekend! How is this possible? Well, it turns out there are people that will pay $150 each to run around in the freezing cold (on foot) through water, mud, and up and down hills. The park was closed for the Tough Mudders! We pleaded our case with the park, and they said we could wheel the park today, Friday, until 4pm as long as we didn’t destroy any ribbons, course markers etc. Good enough. We basically had the park to ourselves. We had four rigs, and saw only one other truck and trailer in the parking lot. Below are a couple of clips from climbing walls in the quarry. I got a little over-zealous with my rig. In June this year, I broke the upper four link off my rear axle. This trip I went right back to that wall, and climbed it without issue. So, having conquered that I wandered off to a wall I’ve never tried. Well, I finally lost a tire on that one, but winched myself up and out and put on the spare.

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