Trip to the Badlands Offroad Park, Nov 18th, 2011 – Part 2

At lunch time, Chris went to a local junkyard to grab parts for his broken front driveshaft. That happened in a pile of rocks in the quarry by the Purgatory sign. Thanks to Nick for bringing Subway sandwiches for lunch! We were the only ones in the parking lot that day, and I wish we were not. If we had more vehicles, maybe the wind would not have been so strong. It was so windy you had to hold onto your camp chair until you sat down or it would blow over. We ran all over the park that afternoon, ending up at a pile of cement. There is an area where the cement trucks back in, and dump and washout their trucks. The pile is now 20-25 feet tall. The bottom half is solid, and looks like old broken up sidewalk. The top is loose cement which is the consistency of loose sand. We had so much fun on this. The only casualty was Chris breaking his rear driveshaft. After that we packed up and while we fueled up, Chris went back to the junkyard to get parts for fixing his rear driveshaft. As the Badlands Offroad Park was now closed for the weekend, we decided to drive to Morris, IL. This is only 10 minutes from the Cliffs Insane Terrain park. We made it to Morris by 6:30pm and after cleaning up at the motel, headed across the street for some Pizza Hut. A few beers and Day 1 was in the books. Below are another couple of clips from that day. The undercut at the top of the hill worried me, as it was much taller than my rear tire!

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  1. Scott says:

    Great job Dean. We need to pitch in and get you a second tail light. 🙂

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