Trip report-The Cliffs July 2005

We took a trip to The Cliffs Insane Terrain, Marseilles, IL and I can tell you they have very easy trails and then very DIFFICULT trails. Mainly due to the mud, some trails were impossible without lockers. Thankfully I welded mine already! The park is only 300 acres but as it’s only two hours from my house, it’s a great time for a day trip. The only issue I had was the engine getting a bit warm. I can only guess that with all of the mud underneath the jeep, the under-hood temperatures are much higher. I’ll come up with something to remove the heat before the next trip.

Here you see us lined up and ready to tackle the trails.

Carnage is a difficult trail, and you should expect the possibility of body damage. You should also have a winch and lockers before heading down the trail.

Dan making the turn onto the trail. It was very off-camber and several had to be pull around the corner, even though it was downhill.

You can guess the reason for the raised hood. It was getting warm. It didn’t help that it was about 85 degrees that day.

My wife likes the mud!

At the end of the day. She didn’t seem that tired, but I could have used a nap before driving home.

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