Trip report – Rockport Offroad Park 2006

This past weekend we ran down to Rockport Offroad Park in southern Illinois. We went down there with a few friends that were members of the Two Rivers Jeep Club. They were going out on some of the private trails near Rockport on Saturday and we would meet back up on Sunday at the offroad park. Also this weekend was a rock-crawling event which was a lot of fun to watch. We didn’t have any problems Saturday, and met several new people on the trails. Here are a few pictures from Satuday.

On Sunday, we had a small issue with a transmission line that broke and started a small fire on the passenger side exhaust manifold. I put out the fire, but then we had to have a friend pull us off the trail. Dan and his wife are in the gold TJ and Jeff and his wife are in the white YJ.

The last picture is just before heading home.

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