Trip report – Hannibal MO July 2007

This past weekend, we went on a trip to Hannibal, MO. My friend Scott organized the trip. Josh and Michelle went with their Rubicon as well. Hannibal Rocks, is run by Tom and Debbie Wombles. They were also the owners of Rockport Offroad park before it closed. Debbie greeted us and we did every trail there on Friday. The park is more used for competitions and the trails, although nice, didn’t take very long to complete. Saturday morning, we made the short trip back to Atlas, IL. Tom lead us on some of the private trails they have at that location. It was there I discovered a mistake I had made this past year during upgrades. I thought I was helping myself to clear the tires, but what really happened was making the Jeep taller and more top heavy. I can tell you I’m embarrassed to show a few of these pictures, but maybe it can help others. I was very glad to have five-point harnesses and a good rollcage in the Jeep. The big problem was off-camber situations. When the front springs flexed and the passenger tire dropped way out, the drag-link would shorten up and I would only have straight and left steering. So trying to make a hard right-hand corner downhill, I found myself upside down. It would have been much easier to take a rope from the Jeep in front of me, but that isn’t what I did. The only damage was the passenger side shackle mount ripped off the frame. We secured it with a winch strap and tightened it up with the winch and continued back to camp.

The first picture is Tom Wombles very capable Jeep.

The following picture shows Tom leading, then Scott’s TJ, then Josh and Michelle in their Rubicon. Before this trip, the odometer on the Rubicon had about 2,200 miles on it!

I took a ridiculous line down this hill, and this is the result. I did save that one.

So now we’re up to the exciting part. Here I am TRYING to turn right, but only managing to go back and forth at that turn in the trail.

And here’s what happened when I didn’t let someone simply pull me around the corner. I ran up the hill in front of me, and backing down the front passenger side went WAY down, and that is what started the rollover. It really did seem to take minutes to go all the way over.

And after we secured the shackle mount that ripped the frame, notice the winch strap and winch rope tightened against it. This held for the trip back to Tom’s shop, almost three miles.

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