Trip report – Flat Nasty Jadwin MO 2008

We had a large group to to Flat Nasty in Jadwin, MO this weekend. We drove down Thursday night, wheeled Friday and Saturday and drove home Sunday. We met several new people and had a great time. It was almost 100 degrees, but it was worth it!

Kim and I had the downstairs and Michelle and Josh had the upstairs at this cabin. Most of the people tent camped and Scott brought his RV. The cabin we rented had air conditioning so that was very nice.

Here is a picture of Jadwin, MO. Really, this IS the town. They have one gas pump, which is locked. The lady has to come out and pump for you. She also sells groceries, and will make you a sandwich for lunch.

Josh going up a poser obstacle

Scott going up the climb.

Me on that climb.

Jeff goofing around. Looked good but didn’t make it on that line.

Then came the damage. I had to back up just a bit to catch a corner correctly and the front axle got caught on a stump. This sheared the centering pin on the passenger side front leaf-spring which in turn pulled the front driveshaft out as the axle went forward on the spring. To fix it, we winched the Jeep up a tree to take the weight off, then used a large tie-down strap and pulled the axle back to where it was supposed to be. Then we tightened the u-joint bolts and put the front driveshaft back together.

After fixing that issue, I broke the torque arm that was put in place to keep the rear springs from killing themselves. I limped it back to the front of the park, where we removed the arm and decided the simple fix was to insert the hi-lift jack handle into the torque arm and weld it up. It held for the rest of the weekend.

We were trying to get a group shot of all of the Jeeps, but it looks like Michelle and Kim wanted to sit in the sun instead!

Not such a great picture of me, but after a day in 100 degree heat, a few beers went down rather well.

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