Trip report-Dresser WI 2005

This year was a lot of fun at Dresser, however there was a downside. After having an awesome time last year, I asked a few friends to join me this year. Well, it turns out the group that puts on the weekend run changed it and now there was a guide with each group. This wouldn’t have been bad by itself, but the trails were JAMMED up all weekend. Lots of hurry up and wait. I felt really bad for inviting friends for this 🙁

We still did have fun and other than the front axle being welded, nothing much else changed on the jeep. Well, except for the stickers on the hood 🙂

I keep saying we, here is my beautiful wife Kim 🙂 Ok, she doesn’t think she looks very good when it’s 40 degrees and raining, but I still do.

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