The Rubicon JK better than new!

Last weekend I put on the fender flares so I could fit larger tires. This weekend, so far, I replaced the stock tires with 35″ KM2 tires. I had to trim a little of the rock rails and body pinch seam at the front of the rear tire opening just to make sure I don’t puncture a new tire. Then I installed the “new to me” rear bumper. It really looks nice compared to the plastic bumper that was on there. After that I removed the factory front bumper and put on an ARB winch bumper. It was taken off another JK and I’m using it for this next trip. If you like it, it’s for sale. Message me if you’d like more details. I bolted my winch in place and attached the license plate. Here’s some pictures of what it looks like now.

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