Recap 2010

It really turned out to be a great year. It did take much longer than anticipated to complete the suspension upgrade. I got to go to the Badlands Offroad Park and I also went to The Cliffs. I sent out the new suspension seats to get custom covers made and now I’m starting the list of things to get done before our first trip for 2011. The biggest issue is the engine. I’ve been using a tired Chevy 305 from my friend Chris. I have the Chevy 400 in the garage that I put in for mud bogs only (and put a Holley 750 double pumper on it) because my old Holley ProJection throttle body injection setup is only good for about 275 HP. The 400 makes almost 400 horsepower so that’s out of the question. I’d like to run the big engine all of the time so I’ve been looking at alternative throttle body injection systems. It looks like I’m down to the following two. First is the PowerJection 3 from Professional Products. Second is the EZ-EFI from FAST. That one is a little more expensive, but does not need a laptop to change a tune. If anyone has a review on either please post a link.

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  1. Anders Farr says:

    I’ll have to look around for the link but there is a guy on GL4X4 that had some issues with the EZ injection, could be an install issue, or a hardware issue who knows, just something I thought I’d pass on to you.

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