Recap 2006

Last year we had eight days of trail riding on the Jeep. That really doesn’t sound like much however I also broke eight axle-shafts on the front axle! I also broke two TH350 to NP205 adapters. I started looking for a Chevy Dana 60 front axle and a SM465 four-speed manual transmission with an NP205 attached. I finally found a Dana 60 in a 1985 K3500 Chevy truck. The guy needed the truck gone the same weekend, and was going to be out of town so we struck a deal for me to cut it out from under the truck myself for which I negotiated a lower price. I got the axle home and tore it apart. Once it was all cleaned up, I ordered a Detroit Locker, 5.13 gears, and bearings. We installed all of the parts and then started looking for Dana 60 high-steer arms. A friend, Scott, a CNC tool shop owner, made up six sets of arms. I bought a set of them and put them on. I had to make a new tie-rod and drag-link but that was easy. I also switched the shackle mounts back to the front of the Jeep so I could put the old leaf-springs back on and get a little more tire clearance. While finishing that I found an SM465 and NP205 combination. I sourced a hydraulic bellhousing, slave cylinder and lines and installed that as well. The Jeep was originally a four-cylinder with five-speed manual so I had the pedal and clutch master cylinder already. It’s been pretty slow going getting all of these things done.

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