Rear four-link done

The summer went by so fast. I’ve been saving for all of the parts to change the front suspension over to a four-link as well. I originally thought a three-link with a panhard bar, but with the Chevy Dana 60, there isn’t much room for a coil-over mount and a panhard bar on the passenger side axle tube. I also realized as long as I was doing all of the other work, I should really look at full-hydraulic steering as well. Here is the Jeep temporarily assembled. I put the body and rollcage back on and you can see the rather tall shock hoops are there as well. Later I will add a cross-bar between the shocks. I put the Ballistic Fabrication coil-over shocks on it as well. I doubt you can see, but I have a triple-rate setup on these shocks. They are real quality units. You can see I did a competition-cut on the rear of the body. It was rather interesting as I drew a line where I wanted it cut, then cut but left an extra inch on it. Then I made vertical cuts right up to the line about every two inches. This allowed me to beat the body back underneath, where I welded each of the seams and then ground it flat so no one gets cut.

Now it’s time to tear it back down and start on the front axle mods.

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