Putting it back together

The first picture shows the frame painted and with the axles attached. You can see one side of the transfer case mount. This was made by duplicating the original PTO cover on a 5/16″ piece of steel, drilling all of the original holes and attaching a short piece of DOM tubing to create a bushing mount. The others show the body and grill attached. I am not much for paying lots of hard earned money on paint that will soon be scratched, we painted the frame and other parts with a product called Hammerite. We will also be painting the body of the Jeep with the same product. It’s pretty thick, but can be rolled or bushed and it is an enamel reinforced with fiberglass for strength. The great part is when it is scratched on the trail, we can simply brush over the problem area. Best is that it’s only $50 a gallon and we used less than two gallons. I’ll update after a few trail rides on its durability.

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