More horsepower needs more cooling

After solving the oil leaks, and tuning the fuel injection, it appears that my nice small aluminum radiator that cooled a very worn out Chevy 305 will not be up to the task of cooling the 400HP fire-breathing monster that now resides between the frame rails. After taking a couple of measurements, I found what I believe to be the largest radiator I can fit in the front of a Jeep wrangler.

You really can’t tell the size from that, but before I show you what it looks like in the Jeep, here’s the shroud and fans that came with the radiator.

After a lot of trial and error, I finally realized I could make the mounts off the old radiator work and that the shock towers could double as radiator supports!

And of course here’s what it looks like with the front end back on the Jeep.

I have less than two weeks left before leaving for Superlift ORV Park in Arkansas! I have plenty to do.

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