Finally running without an oil leak!

So after taking sandpaper to the crankshaft to remove the rust and pitting, I put the second new rear main seal in the Jeep last Saturday. I fired up the engine and within a few minutes it started leaking worse than before! So after throwing a few tools and calming down, I went back to the internet to see what else could be the issue. After more than an hour of searching, I finally came across a a great page that explained the issue. The problem is that if you line-hone or line-bore the main caps, the rear main seal surface is enlarged by .060″ (only if you have a large journal SB 400, which I do). This means a standard rear main seal would fit loosely in the main cap. I ordered up the FelPro 2909 oversize rear main seal yesterday and it came in today. I came home from work and pulled the exhaust, the starter, and the oil pan before removing the rear main cap. I put the new main seal in, and re-assembled everything. I just fired it up, and ran it for almost 15 minutes. NO LEAKS!

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2 Responses to Finally running without an oil leak!

  1. Scott says:

    Better write that down for the next time.

  2. Nick Keck says:

    Two days of wheeling and no updates? You must be having a good time! Get some pictures posted asap!

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