Adding a rear bumper, a grab bar, and a spare tire carrier

My old rear bumper was a nice piece. However, now that I’ve stretched the wheelbase I cannot use it as it rubs the tires. The bumper had a receiver hitch that was just a little small to actually work so I fixed both issues by removing 16″ out of the middle of the bumper. I did cut on an angle and really poured the heat to it, so I don’t think it will break now.

After installing with 8 grade 8 bolts, this is what it looks like.

Next is the grab bar for the passenger. My wife has been asking for this for quite a while. I didn’t have a large enough piece of tubing, so I took a short piece, pie cut the tube in two places, bent at the pie cuts, then added additional tubing to space it from the dash bar.

Here is the finished product.

I added a spreader bar to the front shock hoops when installing the new radiator, and I knew from last year, that the rear shock hoops needed a spreader bar as well. They moved more than I thought when on the trail. I also needed a place for a spare tire. The issue is that if I welded a spreader between the rear shock hoops, I could not remove the body. If I attached the spare tire carrier to the roll cage and the spreader bar, nothing could be removed. The solution was to install tube flanges at the rear shock hoops for the spreader bar. The spreader bar and other tubes to hold the spare tire carrier to the roll cage would all come out first, then the tub could still be removed leaving just the hoops with springs attached to the frame. Here’s what I came up with.

And here it is after pushing a heavy tire on the carrier.

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