Adding a new skidplate to the Jeep

Last week I grabbed a couple of pieces of 3/16″ plate steel. Today I took a bunch of measurements, and added a couple of pieces of angle iron to the frame of the Jeep to support the new skid plate. Because I’ve clocked the transfer case flat, the skidplate will be flat as well. I marked up the steel and cut it with a torch to size including a cut-out for the front driveshaft.

Then the real work began. I positioned the plate under the Jeep, and clamped it in place before starting to drill holes for the bolts that will hold it to the Jeep. After four hours I had 10 5/16″ holes in the skidplate and brackets. I then tapped the brackets for 3/8″ bolts. I tried to countersink the holes in the plate, but I really need a 3/4″ countersink for the bolt heads to be flat. After bolting it up, I cycled the front suspension and had to remove a little more steel from the front of the plate so the front driveshaft would not interfere with the plate. After checking a second time, I gave both sides of the plate a good coat of Hammerite. Only four more days of working on this before we leave for Superlift ORV Park!

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