A new beginning…

2014 was a BIG year for us. Several big things happened. First, we moved into an apartment after we sold our house. Second, we purchased a house in a Phoenix, AZ suburb. Third, we sold a LOT of stuff and moved to Arizona. I know, what does that have to do with my Jeeps/offroading?

A lot. I sold my truck and my 24′ enclosed trailer that was the buggy’s home. Then when I got to Arizona, I sold the buggy. That was really tough. I worked on it for two years, wheeled it a handful of times (including once to Moab, UT). Here’s the new beginning part. I realized there are SO many places to wheel close to my house, that I’d rather build a new Jeep to the point where I can drive it to where I want to wheel, wheel it, then drive it home. In the upcoming weeks you’ll see how I did it. For now a before picture.

The new Rubicon

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